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Friday, June 6, 2008

Screaming Pope


So, Foundation played Sector 7 G last night in Augusta, Ga. The only good thing I can remember about Augusta is the time Outbreak and Instilled played this spotcalled The Carpri or something like that. I think its a safe guess to say 4 or 5 cars plus the Instilled van drove down for that show. Since then, i've caught Blacklisted, my old band Cold Stare played there and maybe one other show. All terrible turnouts with a big dose of awkwardness. Speaking of dose, the final mosh is tommorow at The Treehouse in Lawrenceville. Overdose will be playing one last time. Getting back to the show, so we played with a bunch of bands including; No Turning Back, Wake Up Call, I Rise, Election Day, Like Wolves, and Where it Ends. It seemed like the show was never going to end, but we managed to make it home before 3am. Shows like that really make you appreciate your current geographical location. Atlanta is bad, but Augusta is worse. A band made a comment about us last night, stating something to the tune of(not completely accurate); "Foundation is one of the few bands in hardcore that I think really do something for hardcore." I'm not making an issue out of that but, things like that can be somewhat overwhelming for me, considering we haven't accomplished that much? I sometimes get the feeling that our music might be going in different directions from a majority of bands, but that was always my goal in the first place. I always had the mentality of, there should only people one current band that sounds a certain way. There should only be one Blacklisted. There should only be one Bane. There should only be one Rise and Fall. There should only be one Verse. All fairly recent bands in the grand scheme of things. One at a time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gilmour and Hiwatt

Ahhhhh, the Hiwatt DG 103 Custom. Dave Gilmour and Hiwatt got together and decided to tease every tube nerd in site. With a price tag pushing 3 grand, its no wonder Musician's Friend keeps dropping the price on this artillery. Hand wired amps will always be my first vote for anyone with money not being an object.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back From Paint It Blacklisted Weekend

While down in Florida this weekend, hardcore legends Absolution played a show in Miami. Despite the fact that I wasnt in attendance, here is a picture from the gig. For those who have heard Absolution before, I strongly recommend that you check them out. The original lineup consisted of the skeleton that would later go on to such acts including:Burn, Quicksand, Die 116, and many other various projects. To the left of you is the hardcore riff textbook, Gavin van Vlack.
In other news, the weekend with New Mexican Disaster Squad, Blacklisted and Paint it Black was truly amazing. Within minutes of meeting the dudes in Paint it Black for the first time their was an instant comraderie amongst the bands. Blacklisted, as always were fun to hang out with and very greatful to be borrowing our equipment 3 nights in a row. Everyone played great every night even in the most strange situations. (ie Jacksonville FL.) In August we will be back in Florida on the Forfeit tour. Pictures from gigs and hang outs coming soon.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paint it Blacklisted Weekend

Friday Morning Foundation embarks on a 3 day weekend with hardcore greats, Paint it Black, Blacklisted, and New Mexican Disaster Squad.
05/30: Jacksonville, FL @ Fuel
05/31: Lake Worth, FL @ Klein Dance Center
06/01: Orlando, FL @ Backbooth

Six Organs of Admittance

With the Six Organs of Admittance catalog being extensively long, its no suprise that it took me as long as it did to discover the perfect release most suitable for my own personal tastes. Ben Chasny, the mastermind behind SOOA is no stranger to music. Having played in such acts including; Current 93, Comets on Fire, and Magik Markers, it seems inconsequential to try to understand Chasny's approach to song writing. With such a dynamic history of releases, Six Organs of Admittance has something for everyone.

Dark Noontide being my favorite record from SOOA, serves as the type of music worth listening to in long car rides when all other passengers are sleeping or when its dark noontide, no pun intended. With parallel intuiton in SOOA's song writing such as Chasny's predecessor Elliott Smith; its only natural being as they come from similar geographical regions. Northern California/Oregon. Dark Noontide, serving more of a campfire mystique, releases an atmosphere related to some sort of intangible world with flutes, recorders, tablas and various other instruments being the only audible noises you hear.

i leave the rest up to you.
- d

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Foundation Florida Weekend Fast Approaching

Ladies and gentlemen, Sofia Shinas

So about 2, maybe 3 months ago we got a call to play a few dates with hardcore greats; Paint it Black and Blacklisted in Florida. At this very moment, this has been the most anticipated week of my life. Tomas made it home last night, a few of us helped Overdose record their final song with a bang, Shipwreck show tommorow night, and then we leave for Florida on Friday.

During all this mess going on, I still can't seem to maintain any type of comfort. Comfort exists listening to Dead Can Dance and aimlessly walking around my neighborhood downtown watching beautiful couples pass by. Discovering new faces in stores and restaurants and happily giving them the title, 'wifey.'